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[CLOSED] Hermione Fanon Ships Fest: Sign up here!
Hermione Fanon Ships Fest 03
mionevillemods wrote in hermioneville
***Sign-ups are now closed. Thank you for your interest!***

If you wish to sign-up for the Hermione Fanon Ships Fest (yes, you know you want to!), you just have to follow two easy steps:

1. Read our general info and rules.

2. Copy the sign-up form below and paste it on the comment box, filling all the fields.

That's all! We told you it would be easy. ;-)

Here are the sign-up form and the filling instructions:

<b>My name:</b>
<b>An email address I check often:</b>
<b>Type of fanwork I plan to submit:</b>
<b>Pairing(s) I plan to use:</b>

Filling instructions and examples:

My name: Your name, or LJ username, or pen name. Example: Vane (vane_nt).

An email address I check often: Make sure to provide us with an address you check often, because the mods will keep in touch with all participants on a regular basis. Example: hermionevillemods[at]gmail.com

Type of fanwork I plan to submit: Tell us whether you plan to submit fanfics, fanart, icons or fanmixes. If you're undecided, tell us that as well. Example: I'm still deciding between icons and fanfiction, but don't be surprised if I submit a fanmix.

Pairing(s) I plan to use: You're free to change your mind later. If you don't want to reveal the exact pairing(s) just yet, you may simply tell us whether it's going to be het, femmeslash or a x-over ship. Please, do not use abbreviations nor nicknames. Example: Could be Hermione/Neville, or Hermione/Luna, or Hermione/Flitwick or Hermione/Sam Winchester (crossover with Supernatural).

Please allow the mods up to 72 hours to contact you by email to confirm your sign-up. We advise you to add our official email address (hermionevillemods[at]gmail.com) to your contact list, to avoid that our messages are sent to your spam folder.

All comments left to this post will be screened, because this is an anonymous fest. Please note that this post is for signing up for the Hermione Fanon Ships Fest only; any other type of comment will be ignored and deleted.

Thank you for joining us! ^___^


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