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[Hermione Fanon Ships Fest] FIC: Switch - Chapter 02/17
Hermione Fanon Ships Fest 02
mionevillemods wrote in hermioneville
Title: SWITCH (Chapter 02/17)
Author: rzzmg
Characters: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy (main pairing), Ginny Weasley, Blaise Zabini, Ron Weasley
Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5140 (this chapter)
Summary: Post-Hogwarts. Novel compliant, but discards Epilogue (EWE format). It was only supposed to be one night - a set-up with a hot guy at a fetish club in Muggle London for some mind-blowing, no-strings-attached sex where Hermione would play the submissive role. However, when her amazingly skilled and sensual partner, Draco Malfoy, kept sending her tickets and roses to return to the club to meet again and again, how could a single, sexually-experimental girl say 'no'? Hermione's about to learn the hard way that the sins of the flesh can prove to be too tempting for the body - and the heart - to resist.
Warnings: Very explicit sexual situations, alcohol consumption, profanity.
Disclaimer: I do not own “Harry Potter,” nor any of its characters, nor do I profit in any way from the use of said characters and situations in this writing.

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Festival of Sins

The Den and Centro, London, England

June 7, 2003 – Saturday Night (Special Event: Carnival of Naughty Fun – A Celebration of ‘Luxuria - Lust’)

The heavy, deep beat of sexy, electro-bass thumped through my ribcage as Ginny and I passed through the familiar doors of the club, leaving the safety of reality far behind for the circus of intimate dreams and exotic fetishes. My adrenaline-pumped heart automatically syncopated to keep from exploding in my chest from cardiac arrhythmia as the music literally vibrated through the marrow of my bones. I took a deep breath to try to calm myself, and like last time, I felt the stifling pressure in my lungs from too many bodies crammed into too small a space.

In the dim, cavernous space, there was mass confusion. A multitude of sinuous forms writhed about in time to the pulsing, thudding trance playing over the sound system, while others passed to and fro through the room, gliding from the bar to the wall to an open table. They wore a variety of costumes – everything from vinyl cat-suits to superhero spandex to Goth velvet and crinoline to barely-there leather skirts and nipple pasties. Collars and piercings and tattoos seemed to be in, as well as platform shoes, school uniform skirts and riding crops. Bubblegum pink pigtails bounced about, Rasta dreads swirled around, and shaved heads gleamed under the carefully-controlled lighting system.

Anything and everything went here, aside from full nudity (albeit, some of the crowd came bloody close).

Parti-colored illuminations from the programmed track-lighting system moved about, and my eyes were suddenly flashed, effectively blinding me for the moment. I stumbled into a couple passing through the entrance before me, smelling the acrid, musty scent of cigarette coupled with the tang of vinegar sweat upon the man’s dark cotton tee. Quickly, I pushed away, overwhelmed.

“Sorry!” I offered to the man, who hardly seemed to have noticed, repetitively blinking, fumbling about with my hands, making an utter fool of myself.

Noticing my misstep, Ginny grabbed my wrist and yanked hard, pulling me away before I could embarrass myself further. “Be careful,” she shouted in my ear, dragging us back towards the bar. “You know you could get trampled in here!”

“Yeah,” I shouted back. “Got that.”

Why had I agreed to come here again, and why, oh, why had I agreed to meet him again tonight – especially in a place like this? My stomach roiled with nervously fluttering, bringing with it a hollow ache in my gut.

As my BFF dragged me through the crowd, I held tight to my small beaded bag attached to my hip belt, as it was charmed with an Undetectable Extension Charm to allow me to stuff everything I needed in there – including my wand, Muggle identification and money. At the bar, I bought us both a couple of beers, and pivoted on my heel, hoping for a seat somewhere, as my feet were killing me in the heels that Ginny had insisted I buy to go along with the outfit we’d picked up today… and nearly walked straight into my pre-arranged date for the night.

It still amazed me how much Malfoy had grown up – and out – in five years. That too-thin, nearly skeletal form he’d worn in sixth year was now filled in with muscle. That little fact was driven home to me by the exposure of his torso through the black, fishnet tank he wore. The mesh shirt showed off strong shoulders and biceps, well-defined pecks, and a nice, firm abdomen. The shirt trailed off into a pair of lamb-skin leather pants, and ended in some sort of nice dress shoe that shined and looked expensive.

His body wasn’t the only thing that had matured, either. His face had filled out as he’d put on weight and aged a bit, rounding out the pointed, patrician features he’d sported as a child. He wore the shadowy-stubble of a goatee, giving his pretty-boy face a rakish, masculine maturity. On his left earlobe winked a tasteful emerald and silver stud. With his hair about the same length as when he’d been seventeen, but now parted in the middle rather than the side and without product to slick it back, he looked positively, predatorily sexy - definitely a temptation for the entire female population in the room.

For several long seconds, we stared at each other – I caught off-guard and clearly surprised by his presence (with all these people mucking about, how had he found me so easily?), he with amusement at having thrown me for a loop again. His eyes drifted lazily down my form during that momentary pause, appreciating the effort Gin and I had gone through to get me looking magnificently shaggable.

“Different,” was what he came up with for an opening line, and I could just barely make out what he said over the noise around us.

I scowled at him. That wasn’t the word I’d been hoping to hear. ‘Beautiful,’ ‘amazing’ or maybe even ‘tasty’ would have been much more appreciated. ‘Different’ was safe and utterly unflattering. I raised an eyebrow in displeasure. “Quite,” I shouted back so he’d hear me, and then marched past him to find my friend, confident he’d catch up now that we both knew the game was on.

On the way towards the familiar table on the side that we’d occupied the last time Gin and I had hit this scene, my mind whirled over the opening moves in this round’s chess match between Malfoy and me. Right, so this wasn’t my usual look, even for the club scene, as it was definitely more risqué than anything I’d worn to date. I’d taken pains over pairing the shimmery gold halter with no straps or sleeves with the shortest, blackest vinyl skirt on the planet and the aforementioned belt. Aside from some chunky costume jewelry bangles on my wrists, a pair of gold hoop earrings, my beaded purse-bag, and the killer black shoes, I was entirely bare-fleshed (and sprinkled with honey dust over every inch of skin, including my behind – Gin’s brilliant idea). And yes, my hair and make-up were definitely roguish for me; I was made up like some centerfold for Vogue, with iron-straightened hair (the Muggle fashion of the day), and my face was painted to the hilt, with lips glossed satiny crimson and lashes teased too long by thick, black mascara (all bespelled not to be removed, except by the counter spell – so I could kiss to my heart’s content, and not worry about my lipstick rubbing off). Still, I thought I looked smashing. The gawking I was receiving from many of the gentlemen about indicated they thought so, too. So what was Malfoy’s problem?

‘Different’ – indeed!

After a full minute search up and down the table area, I found my best girlfriend sequestered away in a dark area with a rather tall, swarthy man, whom I recognized instantly as well. Zabini was all over Gin, pressing her into the wall directly behind the table, his mouth glued to hers, and her head was clearly in the clouds, as she ravished her man right back with an equal enthusiasm.


I was just about to saunter up and interrupt with the offer of a beer when suddenly, the music dipped into a sultry, trance interlude sans words, making it possible to hear and engage in conversation without needing to shout. My ears rung a bit.

Unexpectedly, in that same moment, his warm mouth brushed the shell of my ear, and that familiar voice of his sent a shiver up my spine. “Different and delicious, Granger.”

I nearly dropped the beers.

‘Delicious.’ That was close enough to ‘tasty’ for my ego to forgive and forget the previous faux pas he’d committed. “Um, hi,” I greeted quickly, turning and putting some space between us, giving him another once-over. “You look… delicious, too.”

Oh, Godric, did I just say something that lame?

I quickly looked over at Gin and Blaise sucking face, then back at him. “I was just about to- I mean-” I stopped my floundering tongue and sighed, realizing how ridiculous I was sounding. “Thank you for inviting me with the ticket,” I managed instead and turned to head for our table before I could make a total arse of myself.

Seriously dummy, dummy, dummy!

Putting the bottles down, I managed to catch Gin’s attention with a loud shout of her name. As she and her beau took the few steps back to the table, noticing Malfoy and I waiting for them, my date for the evening passed me a shot glass filled to the rim with a dark amber liquid – obviously hard liquor – and stuck his lips right next to my ear again. “Drink every drop for me,” he bade in that same compelling voice he’d used the last time we’d been alone. “I want to taste it on your lips and tongue later.”

Instantly, the flash of desire warmed my lower extremities, making that fluttering in my stomach kick up a pace. I felt my nipples tighten at the thought of what was to come.

Oh, no - absolutely not a mistake coming here tonight.


Three shots later, Malfoy took my hand and led me to the crowded, sweaty dance floor. Packed in close, there was hardly any room to maneuver, and so I found myself pressed intimately into my date whether I wanted to be or not.

His hands expertly smoothed over my hips as we faced off, dragging me that half-inch closer until our pelvises touched, forcing my body to sway in time to the rhythm of the song along with him. I glanced up and was captivated by twin orbs of mercurial heat, noting with a quick flicker downward that our lips were poised only an inch or so apart, thanks to my ridiculously high heels. Everything inside and out flushed with heat, the alcohol roaring through my blood as my heart picked up in its paces. Between my thighs, the provocative music that surrounded and penetrated us took hold and rode me hard; a heavy, thumping drum, synthesized keyboard, and DJ remix electronically-altered voice with profane expression worked in tandem with those mysterious dragon eyes of his to completely unmake my defenses.

“I wanna fuck you like an animal,” the singer profanely declared. “I wanna feel you from the inside.”

Malfoy’s grip dug into my hips.

“I wanna fuck you like an animal… My whole existence is flawed… You get me closer to God.”

His fingers glided over the curve of my hind, cupping my arse and pulling me in until we were grinding against each other, and I could feel his steely erection through the layers of our clothing. My head fell forward, touching down against his jaw as a strange dizziness seized me. I wrapped my arms about his neck and let all control go again, enjoying the sensation of having him touch me once more.

Malfoy moved like we were having long, penetrative sex right there on the floor, and I could feel my orgasm mounting just from his rubbing. His cheek slid across mine as he pressed his mouth over my ear again and he whispered the words to the repeating chorus to me.

“I wanna fuck you like an animal… I wanna feel you from the inside… I wanna fuck you like an animal.”

Something inside me came unglued and broke apart at the seams.


I’m not even sure how we made it through the throng in our rushed desire to get to one of the secret, private rooms in the back of the club, behind a black door marked “Employees Only.” Like the previous time, Malfoy slipped some money into the hand of the large bouncer at said door, and then we were through it and I was being dragged behind him down a dark corridor. We stopped at the same cashier booth as our first encounter, just on the other side, and he threw down more Muggle money.

“Two hours, guv, or someone comes to ‘escort’ ya out, yeah? Room four, on the left,” the man with the thick accent behind the glass informed us. “Don’t care if ya’ve been here before; I gotta tell ya the rules of the house are always enforced - ya break anything, ya pay for it. Don’t do nothin’ ta get yourself kicked from here, ‘cause if we ban ya, no other fuckin’ joint in London will touch ya neither. And fer Christ’s sake, use the fuckin’ condoms. Safe and consensual, yeah?” He passed the key under the glass and my date grabbed it up and hurried us on without a word, merely a nod in acquiescence.

Unlocking the door to our room, Malfoy pulled me in after him. He had the door shut and relocked behind me in a heartbeat as my cursory glance took in the whole of the room in seconds.

The room was similar to the last one we’d occupied here. It was painted black inside to match the theme of the place, and the carpet was a dark red. There was a queen-sized bed in the middle, abutting the wall, with a simple, black cotton fitted sheet over the mattress, and a mounted rack on the wall above it that had leather cuffs for a single pair of wrists hanging from sturdy chains that could be adjusted for length. There was an end table next to the bed with a plastic punch bowl filled with a selection of condoms in colorful wrappers to choose from, and next to it a wrapped basket that contained various types of oil and lubrication. I assumed that the basket cost must have been included in the price of the room, and it would be discarded and replaced as soon as we left - if we opened it, that was. A sign on the opposite wall said in very big letters, “One hour minimum. Parties of three or more pay an extra 10% gratuity. Remember: be safe and consensual.”

There was no time to second guess; I’d passed that point three drinks ago. Now, Malfoy’s arms slid around me from behind, and he pressed his muscular, solid body into me. His lips slid over my lobe, down my throat, suckling over my pulse with devilish intent. His stubbly chin and upper lip rasped against my soft skin, making things low in my abdomen flutter. “Choose a ‘safe word’,” he murmured against my throat.

I blinked, unfamiliar with the term. This was something new; he hadn’t asked that from me last time. “Um, what’s that?”

“A word that you’ll use when you want me to stop, no questions asked,” he patiently informed me, gliding his covered, rather hard length up the slit of my butt cheeks with slow, intentional expertise. My legs quivered, and between my thighs, there was a distinct dampness against my red, satiny knickers.

“Would you really do that?” I breathily asked as he bit down over my pulse and stroked again against my backside. “Just stop, if I wanted?”

He nodded, his soft, platinum hair brushing against the tickling skin at the base of my throat. “I won’t force you to do anything you’re not comfortable with – but I will test your bounds, Granger. I’ll push you and that bloody Gryffindor courage of yours until you tell me ‘no more.’ Now, choose a safe word,” he growled, biting a bit harder. “Something you’ll remember easily that you don’t use in everyday conversation.”

I said the first thing that came to my mind that sounded just foreign enough. “Venus.”

Unbeknownst to me, Malfoy had been slowly working my belt off while we’d been talking, and now tossed it and my beaded bag onto the floor with a hum of excitement. “Venus, huh?” he replied, making sure I knew he understood the word choice. “Good, now, go to the bed and stand in front of it. Don’t look at me until I tell you that you can.”

I paused, unsure.

“Obey me,” he demanded in a gentle, but firm tone. “Do it, sweet thing, so we can play a little before we get down to the fucking.”

“All right,” I whispered, eager to surrender to what we were going to do – not just for how it would physically make me feel, but also because, for a little while, this fantasy would take me out of myself and away from the broken heart I was nursing.

He dropped his arms and I crossed the room as he wanted, conscious the whole time of my thong riding the center cleft of my buttocks. Would he go there tonight? I hadn’t done that with a man, but Gin told me all about it. Honestly, I was scared of the idea, and thought that might be the condition under which I spoke the ‘safe word.’

I stopped before the bed, somewhere in the center of its width, noting the mounted rack straight ahead of me, attached to the wall with ominous intent. Would he try to use those restraints on me, too? No way - I couldn’t do that either. Could I?

“Get rid of the skirt, jewelry and top.”

Feeling my cheeks heat with blood, I did as he requested with trembling hands. The zip on the skirt was easy to undo, and I pried the material from my hips, letting it drop to the floor. My tube-top went over my shoulders and I tossed it aside without a second thought. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I shucked the costume bracelets, and they thunked heavily to the carpet. Clad in only my knicks and heels, I waited for his next command, feeling his eyes crawl over every inch of me.

“Spread your legs, bend over and put your palms flat on the bed.”

My breath hitched, but I did it.

“Arch your spine a bit and stick your arse in the air for me. Yeah, that’s it.”

I closed my eyes, feeling very vulnerable. Bloodying my dignity for a cheap thrill left my pride a little raw. A part of me hated that I was doing this, especially with the likes of him. The other part, however, hated that I’d spent the last month craving and hoping for another chance to experience such biting pain-slash-incredible pleasure again. Malfoy had made my body practically purr for hours after his touch the last time, and now it was amped, praying for another round of good, hard shagging from this wizard.

Was I twisted or what?

He moved, and then he was suddenly right there, kneeling behind me, his fingers stroking over the rounded flesh of my buttocks and legs with gentle caresses. He hummed in approval, and I could feel his warm breath tickle the inside of my sweaty thighs as he leaned forward and wetly kissed everywhere over my exposed skin.

“You shaved,” he commented, letting his fingertips trace over the thin strip of fabric covering my pussy. “Do you like how it feels?”

He’d asked me last time as he’d fingered through my damp curls if I’d ever gone bare-lipped before, and when I’d said ‘no,’ he’d asked me to try it just once. “Yes,” I admitted, feeling as if I should be ashamed to be speaking so intimately about such a thing, but finding that I was instead aroused by it.

He hummed in approval, allowing his fingers a few moments more of enjoyment over the tiny bit of clothing before deciding he wanted me fully naked for him. “You have a really luscious bum, Granger. Let’s see it all, shall we?” With careful tugging, he pulled the edges of my knickers down, slowly drawing out the revelation of my most intimate self to his perusal. I felt the fabric slip down, moving past my knees, over my calves. He gently lifted each foot and slipped the garment off. When it came free, his hands were back to their roaming, gliding up my skin this time with the same tender attention. His breath shuddered through the crack of my arse and my lower lips, causing me to shake in a combination of terror and excitement, as I knew that right then, he was looking at me – really taking me all in.

I couldn’t believe I was bending over a rented bed in a back room, naked, and letting Draco Malfoy look right up my kitty! Merlin, could it get any more perverse than this?

Warm fingers parted my denuded folds, stroking with soft insistence. They found and circled my clit, playfully tormenting, causing electric sparks to shoot up my spine. My inner thighs uncontrollably quaked and I moaned with need.

“I’m going to finger this pretty, wet pussy,” he told me rather evenly. “Let’s see how many you can take.” He entered me – first one finger, then two – thrusting in and out in a deep, slow rhythm, causing me to gasp. When he tried for three, I let out a yelp and he pulled back so that only two digits stretched me out. “Hmmm, responsive and tight,” he murmured, clearly pleased. “Tell me, Granger: are you on a contraceptive potion or spell tonight?”

I nodded. “Contraceptive and Disease Charm. I cast it before coming here, just like last time, just in case. It’ll last at least another eight hours.”

He hummed again and that deep, throaty almost-purr was quickly becoming my favorite sound in the whole world. “Good. I did the same. I always will. No possibility of an accident that way, and we both stay clean.” He thrust his fingers hard into me and I groaned, widening my stance a bit more.

When his fingers suddenly withdrew, I felt bereft and grit my teeth. He told me not to look at him though, so I didn’t turn, trusting he wasn’t about to do something horrid. I couldn’t help the whimper of disappointment that escaped my lips, however.

“Now, now, sweet thing, I hardly got to taste you last time,” he mercilessly teased, his hand rubbing my wet fluids all over my backside as he smoothed over the cheeks again. “I want you dripping for me when I take you, Granger, so hold still,” he bade, and I could hear the eagerness in his voice. My womb clenched in response.

Crawling between my legs, putting his back to the mattress so that his face could bury itself properly in my thatch, his naughty and very skilled tongue instantly replaced his hand in caressing the entire length of my seam and I couldn’t prevent my desperate gasps. He ate me out with a talent that made my fingernails scrape across the cotton sheet with the need to dig into something meaty and hold on. My blood flew through my veins at supersonic speed making me decidedly dizzy. “Oh, my God!” I wailed as he swirled the nimble pink length of his tongue around my swollen, throbbing clit at the same time as two fingers reentered me from below. He suckled and surged in synch, driving my climax to the brink in a short amount of time. My eyes squeezed shut and I tensed up around him, my thighs literally quaking. “Oh, God, Malfoy… I’m-” I was so close, teetering on the edge.

With cool assurance, he held me there for at least another five minutes, backing off, refusing me release by alternating his rhythm and the pressure. When he finally pulled his mouth away and snuck back between my legs, I was left wanting, shaky all over, and internally cursing him for frustrating me so thoroughly.

Before I could think straight enough to give voice to some of those nasty thoughts, Draco was behind me, his naked cock slicking through my soaking folds, his sinful chuckle a dark reminder to me that he did have a sadistic side. “I’m going to fuck you now, Granger,” he informed me in a heated, raspy voice. “Fuck you deep and hard. You’re going to take what I do to you, and you’re not going to come until I tell you that you can.” He paused, his wide crest nudging my entrance, pressing in a bit and backing off. “Tell me you want me.”

I swallowed heavily. “May I look at you when I say it?”

There was a distinct pause, as if I’d caught him by surprise. “Yes.” His voice was hoarse as he agreed.

I looked over my shoulder at him, a lock of my temporarily-straightened hair falling across my cheek. “I want you, Draco,” I said to him, feeling that it was somehow important that I look at least once before or during the act at the man who was going to screw me into mind-numbing oblivion. It seemed too dirty otherwise, for a reason I couldn’t explain.

Those hungry, stormy eyes of his stared right into my soul as he worked his thick, steely length into me one glorious inch at a time, pushing through my still quivering, desperate flesh, pulling back a bit, re-entering. He repeated the motion until my aching channel was so full I thought I’d split in half, and the tip of him bumped my cervix. Fully seated within me, penetrated to the hilt, he stopped.

I wasn’t sure what he was seeing on my face, but on his, there was an attempt for rigid control. His jaw was clenched, his expression stern, but a pink blush crept up his cheeks. Sweat dotted his upper lip. For a moment, an odd questioning glance passed through his eyes, and then he moved. Pulling out in one swift move, he forcefully slammed himself back inside my sheath without pause, fucking me strong with complete, deep strokes, just as he’d promised. I had no choice but to face forward then, as he roughly rode me, his grip on my hips almost bruising. The slap of our flesh meeting was loud in the room, intermingling with my beseeching whimpers for more.

“Moan for me, my princess,” he grit in an authoritative tone. “Let me hear your pleasure.”

I surrendered myself, just as we both wanted, and I gave Malfoy everything he asked for without reservation, allowing him to begin the testing of my limits. I moaned, I gasped, I cried out as he pulsed in and out of me with ruthless efficiency, meeting and exceeding my expectations for a dominating lover. He spanked my arse – not too hard, but enough to decide how much I could take before it became too much. He grabbed my hair and gently pulled back forcing my neck and spine to arch, and the new angle allowed him a type of penetration that stimulated my inner walls, eliciting sensations all through the swollen, grasping flesh of my pussy, causing me to flood with arousal and plead with him not to stop.

When it became apparent that I was nearing the cusp, he let go, and stilled within me. With fiendish glee, he leaned forward to play with my nipples, rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers, whispering naughty enticements in my ear the whole time. “Do you like my hard, aching cock inside your sopping cunt?” he asked, biting and suckling on my shoulder, leaving a love bruise behind. He jerked his hips once, then stilled again. “Do you like me fucking you? Tell the truth, Granger.”

“Yes, yes,” I panted, my entire body thrumming like a live wire with active current, looking for relief. Sweat trickled down my forehead, over my cheek. Malfoy caught the bead with his tongue, lapping it away, moaning in pleasure to see me so unhinged.

He made a circular motion with his hips, and tilted just so, causing his rigid shaft to stroke across that little tender spot on the upper inside of my vagina, sending sensation shooting through me. He did it again, and I groaned with animalistic intensity, my nails scraping and bunching the fabric of the bed sheet. “You like that?” he asked, sounding entirely too smug in the instinctual knowledge that I did, in fact, really like what he was doing to me. “Feel good enough for you to come back next month so we can do this again?”

I fervently nodded, unable to talk around my mewling cries, which only picked up in decibel levels as he resumed his thrusting action. I’d have agreed to just about anything right at that moment, especially when he pinched my nipples, pulling them slightly away from my body, releasing them at the pinnacle of that pleasure. Skimming his fingers down my abdomen, past my bellybutton, he tickled my clit with a feathery stroke. The fiery ache that awoke deep inside had me mewling. “Please,” I heard myself beg. “Please, soon?”

What we’d done thus far wasn’t enough for either of us in the grand scheme of things, and we both knew it, but there was only so much stimulation the human body could take at one extended time before it required fulfillment. Anything beyond that became pain. I’d reached my limit, it seemed.

Trailing kisses up and down my spine, Malfoy rubbed my clitoris with finality in mind, even as his hips picked up their pace and he reached for his own ending. “I want you to come for me, sweet thing. Come hard around my cock. Come for me now.”

I keened as he skillfully manipulated my body to do as he wished and in those moments, I became all his. He owned me. I’d have done anything to never let this feeling stop. My heart pounded, my thighs tensed, my muscles quivered. “Oh, God… Oh, God!” I wailed, throwing my head back and bowing my spine. “DRACO!”

I flew. Heaven embraced me.

He was still pounding behind me, preparing for his own release as I finally regained my sanity long seconds later. His hands pulled me in tight as he brutally shagged me, his breathing growing heavier by the second. “Fuck!” he shouted, slamming into me full-force as he began to ejaculate. “Oh, yeah. Oh, fuck, yeah! Hermi… GRANGER!”

He climaxed as hard as I had, and I could actually feel him filling me up with warm fluid. His orgasm lasted longer than average, as he kept coming inside me. I held still, letting my lover find his perfect ending, just as I had.

To be continued...

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