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[Hermione Fanon Ships Fest] FIC: Switch - Chapter 03/17
Hermione Fanon Ships Fest 02
mionevillemods wrote in hermioneville
Title: SWITCH (Chapter 03/17)
Author: rzzmg
Characters: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy (main pairing), Ginny Weasley, Blaise Zabini, Ron Weasley
Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1369 (this chapter)
Summary: Post-Hogwarts. Novel compliant, but discards Epilogue (EWE format). It was only supposed to be one night - a set-up with a hot guy at a fetish club in Muggle London for some mind-blowing, no-strings-attached sex where Hermione would play the submissive role. However, when her amazingly skilled and sensual partner, Draco Malfoy, kept sending her tickets and roses to return to the club to meet again and again, how could a single, sexually-experimental girl say 'no'? Hermione's about to learn the hard way that the sins of the flesh can prove to be too tempting for the body - and the heart - to resist.
Warnings: Very explicit sexual situations, alcohol consumption, profanity.
Disclaimer: I do not own “Harry Potter,” nor any of its characters, nor do I profit in any way from the use of said characters and situations in this writing.

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Festival of Sins

The Den and Centro, London, England

July 12, 2003 – Saturday Night (Special Event: Carnival of Naughty Fun – A Celebration of ‘Gula - Gluttony’)

Draco was acutely aroused the next time we met. Perhaps it had been the month-long separation giving him ample opportunity to fantasize about what he’d do to me this round, or maybe my outfit was the source of his provoked energy. Whatever the cause, his eyes burned ravenously hot and his face was dark and grim with sexual hunger when he spotted me coming into the club with Ginny. I spied him at our usual table on the side of the room almost instantly, leaning back in a tall bar stool, waiting for me to come to him.

It was disturbingly powerful, almost spell-bindingly compelling how I was unable to tear my eyes away from his the moment our gazes locked, as if Malfoy were silently beckoning me with serpentine mind-magic to come forward and be his again. That carnal observance never left me as I wound through the throng crowding the pedestrian path on the outskirts of the main floor.

There was half an hour of an almost prerequisite, idle chit-chat (mostly shouting loudly in each other’s ear) and, thanks to Zabini’s generosity, we were all able to throw back two shots apiece of tequila. We spent absolutely no time on the dance floor. He commented on the single red rose I’d tucked into my cleavage, curious as to my use of it as an accessory. I told him flat-out that it had been the one he’d sent along with this month’s ticket, and I’d found it simply too beautiful to part with. That, apparently, had been the absolute right thing to say.

Almost exactly thirty minutes after I arrived at the club, I found myself in a private room again in the back of the club with my date. “I still like you better wearing dresses or skirts,” he informed, clearly disgruntled as he unzipped the dark brown, suede low-riders I wore. “Easier to take off.”

“But these I can wear without lingerie,” I informed him with a sultry, sybaritic smile, pulling the rose out from between my breasts and carefully dropping it onto the nearby bench for later retrieval. I wanted to magic it frozen and keep it in remembrance of this night.

He yanked the material down to my thighs and his attitude did an abrupt about-face. “So you can, sweet thing. Good.” He decisively nodded and looked me in the eye. “Anytime you wear slacks for me in the future, you will not wear knickers with them – do you understand?”

It must have been a combination of his commanding tone, the almost boyish grin that was plastered to his face, and his lewdly-narrowed quicksilver eyes roaming over my naked mound like he wanted to dine upon it immediately that caused my throat to thicken with desire. I was suddenly starved for him - for what we were about to do, and unable to find my voice, I eagerly nodded to his requirement instead.

When I was completely naked, the tempo changed entirely to a disproportionate level of tenderness as Draco dropped to his knees before me and his mouth delved into my slit without further ado, licking with deliberately slow, torturous caresses of his tongue through my moist lower lips. “Oh, sweet Circe!” I moaned with ecstasy as his tongue magically caressed by clit. I was panting, watching that platinum head rhythmically slide up and down as he moved over me with voracious expertise. His hands gripped my waist, holding me still as he lavished great attention on orally pleasuring me, eagerly feasting upon my pussy. I came for him in mere minutes, my eyes closed as delightful aftershocks rolled through me.

Greedy in his pursuit of his own sexual satisfaction, he put me on my knees next and made me suck him into readiness. Tasting the silky fluid that was smeared across his tip and smelling his unique, musky scent along the ridge of his cock and inner thighs made me hedonistically desperate for a second release.

I practically swallowed him; taking him in as far as I could comfortably fit, relishing the small spurts of his pre-come as they escaped into the cavern of my mouth. Both famished and thirsty for every bit of him, I sucked him eagerly, loving how his cock came alive across my teeth, scraping the roof of my mouth, and against my tongue. I felt powerful, wild – almost feral. His penis violently twitched as I swirled my lips about him, and he groaned with abandon, his eyes rolling back in his head. I’d looked up just in time to catch the uninhibited action. It made me feel powerful to know I could rule his pleasure, and for half a second, I envisioned tying him up and having my way with him tonight.

Ginny might have been right about me being a ‘switch.’

When he was ready to let go, he took his power back, requiring I take him deep into my throat, further than I’d ever done before. He fucked my mouth like he owned it, gripping my hair in a gentle, but firm clasp and thrusting his hips at the pace he liked. “Swallow every drop, Granger,” he growled as he tensed up, preparing to spill over. “I want my seed in your belly.”

I did as he bade, relishing being ordered about, free of thought and feelings outside of our sordid affair. I sucked him off with all my skill, and when he tensed, his hands tightening slightly through my curls, I knew he was only seconds away from release. Wiggling my tongue about his head brought him; hot, delicious semen spurted against the roof of my mouth to the chorus of his gasping moans and half a dozen more forceful pelvic surges. I drank him down, took him back further with each explosion, until the final burst slid down my throat effortlessly.

As soon as he was completely expended, Draco dropped to his knees in front of me and pulled me over his lap, fingering deep into the sumptuous, wet heat of my cunt, his thumb expertly rolling my clit. I was so close already, it wouldn’t take much. His mouth devoured mine in a sensual kiss that allowed him to taste his essence across my tongue. “Say my name when you come for me again, sweet thing,” he murmured as I tightened up all of my lower muscles, my fingernails breaking skin on his shoulders, my hips riding his two fingers with desperation. I tossed my head back just as he had and moaned his name to the ceiling as I orgasmed around his stilling hand.

His forehead pressed into the hollow of my neck and he shook with lingering desire. “We’ll rest for a bit.” He lifted his head and his mouth to the whorl of my ear. “But we’re not even close to being finished tonight, Granger. You’re mine for at least the next hour. I’m going to cuff you to the wall and spank you hard. I want your pretty bum to blush for me. Then I’m going to fuck your pussy and your sweet, virgin arse. I’m breaking you in.” He bit over my pulse, sending shockwaves of renewing desire through me. “You’re going to come for me over and over until I’m fully satisfied that you can’t take anymore. I want you exhausted, sore and glowing for me. I want you walking on air and getting wet at the memory of tonight for the next four weeks - until the next time you meet me here. Do you understand?”

My response seemed to be automatic, and came from somewhere deep inside that part of me that liked being ordered about by an authoritarian figure. “Yes, sir.”

“That’s my sweet girl - my princess,” he crooned, kissing me thoroughly, until all thought ceased, and there was only Draco Malfoy around me, in me, and I existed only for him and the pleasure he brought me.

To be continued...

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