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[Hermione Fanon Ships Fest] FIC: Switch - Chapter 05/17
Hermione Fanon Ships Fest 02
mionevillemods wrote in hermioneville
Title: SWITCH (Chapter 05/17)
Author: rzzmg
Characters: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy (main pairing), Ginny Weasley, Blaise Zabini, Ron Weasley
Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1369 (this chapter)
Summary: Post-Hogwarts. Novel compliant, but discards Epilogue (EWE format). It was only supposed to be one night - a set-up with a hot guy at a fetish club in Muggle London for some mind-blowing, no-strings-attached sex where Hermione would play the submissive role. However, when her amazingly skilled and sensual partner, Draco Malfoy, kept sending her tickets and roses to return to the club to meet again and again, how could a single, sexually-experimental girl say 'no'? Hermione's about to learn the hard way that the sins of the flesh can prove to be too tempting for the body - and the heart - to resist.
Warnings: Very explicit sexual situations, alcohol consumption, profanity.
Disclaimer: I do not own “Harry Potter,” nor any of its characters, nor do I profit in any way from the use of said characters and situations in this writing.

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The Burrow

Ottery St. Catchpole, England

September 13, 2003 – Saturday Early Afternoon

His owl had requested I wear something sensual, not sexual this time. He wanted a flowing dress and lingerie that he could take off at his leisure. His whole attitude fit this month’s Carnival theme, I amusedly noted. To my surprise, however, Ginny tried to talk me out of going altogether.

“Let’s just skip going there this month, a’right?”

Instantly, I understood: she and Zabini must have had a falling out. “Okay,” I began, taking a deep breath and sitting closer to my best girlfriend on the couch. “What did that snake-in-the-grass do to you?” I asked, both concerned for my best friend and instantly suspicious of the dark-skinned Slytherin she’d been seeing.

Ginny shook her head, but there were standing tears in her eyes. They choked her voice when she spoke. “I just… it’s better he and I don’t see each other anymore.”

Clearly, my friend was broken-hearted by the admission. I’d thought this thing she’d had with Blaise Zabini had only been fun for her, but clearly, she’d gotten in over her head. It was obvious to all and sundry that she actually liked the handsome Italian wizard.

“Why would you say that?” I asked, trying to be supportive, but at the same time, trying to unravel her reasons for the sudden wall she was erecting. “I thought you two had great chemistry?”

Crimson hair slid over her cheeks as Ginny dipped her head and cried. She looked so small, vulnerable and forlorn sitting there, all hunched up on the sofa. “He’s a dark wizard, ‘Mione. It doesn’t matter that he never took the Mark or joined the ranks of Death Eaters! His mother supported You-Know-Who during the war, even if he didn’t openly pick a side. Somehow, that’s even worse to some! Everyone’s warned me off of him except you, and that’s because you’re in a similar fix!” Her tears flowed now, dripping down her pale cheeks. “Sleeping with him was one thing, but I’m not supposed to like him this much. And everyone expects me to go back to Harry once I’ve gotten out of my ‘wild streak,’ as mum calls it. The fuck of it all is that Harry still wants me, even knowing what I’m doing, and who I’m with. But, oh ‘Mione, I don’t feel the same way for Harry anymore. We tried and it didn’t work. But he’s so sweet and understanding and he said he’d wait for me. Blaise has never said anything romantic like that to me, but it’s him I think about all the time! The thought of Harry touching me… I can’t! All I want is Blaise! What should I do?” She was sobbing, distressed by her jumbled feelings.

Gin was right – I did understand exactly where she was coming from, because Ron still pursued me. Oh, not as heavily; he’d drop by my desk at the Ministry every few weeks and ask me to coffee or dinner, and I’d always politely decline. He never gave up, though. I just didn’t have those types of feelings for him anymore. He’d been my first, and until Malfoy, my only. The sex had been fumbling, but adequate, but the rest… not so good. We did better as friends. When it ended, I’d had no intention of ever looking back.

Recently, though, I admit I’d been having doubts about the men in my life, too. Specifically, where was this thing with Malfoy going? He never contacted me in any fashion, except to owl me a single ticket once a month. We met at the club one night every four weeks, had hot sex and then I would always be the first to dress and leave. He would watch me go, never making a move to stop me. Did he even care? I assumed so, as he’d always insert somewhere in our moments together the idea that there would be a next time. But you know what they say about assuming anything…


Straight up: what was I getting out of my ‘relationship’ with Draco? Sexual gratification? Sure. A release for a little while from the stress of work that plagued me? Yes, that was an obvious perk. For me to step outside my comfort zones, my boundaries, to be truly free from being me for even just a few hours was definitely a high. But none of those things, even together, a healthy relationship did make. When you added into the mix of all of my current lover’s negative aspects – including being a known Death Eater with a shady history before and during the war – well, quite clearly I’d created a volatile situation that was sure to blow-up in my face someday.

Perhaps it would be better to go back to the familiar – to Ron – where society expected me to find my ultimate happiness, and where I could have outward respectability, if not loyalty, love or passion.

No, not better, just easier, a voice in the back of my head rather bluntly pointed out.

I felt a twist of shame for having thought of using my ex as an escape, or for running from Malfoy simply because of our shared, negative past. As far as I knew from the papers, he’d been a productive member of society as an adult, taking that second chance he’d been granted by the Wizengamot to heart (I still didn’t know what he did for a living, but clearly, he hadn’t been arrested for it, so it had to be legit); there had been no backsliding into dark arts as far as the press had sniffed out.

Besides, I didn’t want to be so flippant with my regard. The fact was I liked Draco – a lot. If I had to be perfectly honest with myself, what I felt for him bordered on a deeply growing obsession. He was never far from my thoughts and not just because of the sex (although it was incredible). I’d discovered that I also liked the moments in between or after the physical play when we actually interacted. He was very conscientious of assuring my pleasure during our sessions, asking me to tell him what things I didn’t like (so far, nothing), or what he’d like us to try next (this last time, he’d given me the light clit spanking I’d asked for in between shagging me rotten and my orgasm had been phenomenal). I was still quite clearly his sub, and he was using these conversations to assess how best to go about our interactions, but it felt like an intimate thing to share. It seemed like we were growing closer. At least, I hoped we were.

I realized I’d been silent for too long, and was contemplating not my BFF’s situation, but my own. Some friend I was! “Gin, you’re putting the cart before the horse here. Maybe you just need to find out exactly how you feel about Blaise before you work yourself up into a tizzy over him,” I counseled. “See him again, but not at the club. Meet him at a café for tea or coffee instead. Sit and talk to him. No sex. That way, you can see if what the two of you have is worth pursuing before you go working yourself up over the issue. Tackle one thing at a time and you won’t be so conflicted.”

My redheaded friend rubbed the tears from her cheeks with a shaky hand and sniffed. “You make it sound so simple.”

I shrugged. “If you like him, and he likes you, then you have to weigh if what other people think about your relationship is more important than your feelings for him. But first, you have to decide if you like him that much to bother. The only way to know is to get down to the basics – become friends. If you can do that, the other stuff will be answered all on its own.”

Ginny hugged me enthusiastically in only the way that best friends and sisters can do. “You’re so clever, ‘Mione.”

Internally, I sighed. Yeah, I’d just cleverly given advice to my best friend that I wasn’t sure I was brave enough to take myself. Talk about ironic.

To be continued...

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