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The Secret Coconut Fic Exchange: Sign-Ups Open
Hermione and Neville Made in Heaven
fanfictionlady wrote in hermioneville
The Secret Coconut is a multifandom fanfic exchange now in its 4th round. Harry Potter is one of its Featured Fandoms, so you're guaranteed to find fellow HP fans among the participants (I'm one of them). One of the best things about the Secret Coconut is that unlike most exchanges, this one gives you the opportunity to pick your own assignment. Read the rules for more details.

As a second-time participant (and long-time lurker/reader), I'm happy to promote this exchange. It's very well run, the quality of the fics is generally high, and the overall atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend it to all fanfic writers!

Click here to go to the sign-up post. I also want to share with you this link. It'll take you to a page where you can read the prompts that the participants have submitted so far. You'll see that there are already several Hermione-centric requests over there. No Neville/Hermione prompts so far, but there's still some time left to fix that.

Cross-posted to other communities that I moderate, because I'm enthusiastic like that.

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