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Fans of Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom

Two of the best "Harry Potter" characters

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If you love both Hermione and Neville (from Harry Potter), this community is for you!
Welcome to hermioneville!

This is a place for fans of both Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom, two of the greatest characters from the famous book (and film) series Harry Potter.

It doesn't matter whether you view Hermione and Neville as friends or lovers (or even as relatives or enemies if you want to be creative). As long as you like or at least respect both characters, you're more than welcome here. ^__^

Posts in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese are allowed.

Posting guidelines:

You can share fanfics, fanart, recs, icons, banners, fanmixes, vids... any kind of fanwork is welcome. The trick here is that every single post must deal with both Hermione and Neville. Two examples:

- If you post a list of fanfiction recs, make sure to recommend a few fanfics starring Hermione AND a few fanfics starring Neville. If you can recommend any fanfics in which both characters play a prominent role, more power to you.

- If you want to share some LJ icons with us, your set must contain some Hermione icons AND some Neville icons. Bonus if you include at least one icon featuring both characters.

Possible exceptions to this rule:

- Is your post a response to a prompt from our Neville and Hermione Writing/Art Prompt Bank? Then you're not under the obligation to use both characters at once.

- Other exceptions should be discussed with the mod prior to being posted to the community.

Please note that we do not welcome spam, trolling and flames of any kind. Also, please refrain from posting ads here. Only the mod can post ads. Do not contact the mod to ask her to post ads on your behalf.

Any questions? Fear not; leave your comments on this help entry and I'll reply ASAP. ^^

Enjoy the community!

Your mod,

FL (fanfictionlady)

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